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A poster featuring bikini-clad women distributed via campus newspapers across the eastern United States has reignited an old controversy in this popular destination for rollicking students on spring break.

Critics of the poster include Reggie Lancaster, chairman of Bay County Tourist Development Council, and the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau -- the agencies that paid to have a million copies printed and distributed.

Over the past couple of years, Panama City Beach officials have been trying to change its image from tawdry spring break to wholesome family fun. The poster has renewed debate over which is the best way to promote this Florida Panhandle resort city.

Lancaster is on the family friendly side. He called the spring break poster distasteful and unnecessary.

Russ Smith, co-chairman of the Convention and Visitors Bureau's marketing committee, disagrees. He says the poster is as clean as it can be and still attract the attention of college students.

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