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Spice Girl Victoria Adams, who has denied reports that she is anorexic, has admitted she consulted a doctor over fears she was losing too much weight.

"Posh Spice," who is married to England and Manchester United soccer star David Beckham, was accused last month of setting a bad example to teen-age girls prone to the eating disorder anorexia.

The singer from the chart-topping "Girl Power" pop group has denied she was too thin but did admit she sought help after becoming paranoid about her weight.

"It did worry me because I started to get paranoid so I went to the doctor and said 'Look, is there anything wrong with me?'

"I wanted to be checked out because I was eating perfectly fine, exactly as I have always done and I was losing weight," she told BBC television in an interview.

Adams, who gave birth to her son Brooklyn last February, said she was told: "It's something that happens when you have children. . . . I just eat what I eat and this is the way I am."

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