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Missing punctuation. Omitted words. Subjects that don't agree with verbs.

No, they're not the latest test results from Buffalo's elementary school pupils.

These mistakes, more than a half-dozen of them, came courtesy of the school district's top brass. What's worse is they're part of the district's new application for teachers.

It seems the district, eager to avoid the delays that occurred last year, rushed the new form to the printers.

The result?

More than 5,000 copies of an application filled with errors and at a cost of "a few thousand dollars," according to Joseph Sperrazza, the district's director of instructional employment and affirmative action.

Sperrazza said it's too late and too expensive to fix the errors. The applications will go out, mistakes and all. We're told the form was proofread, but the errors were missed in the rush to meet strict deadlines.

On the plus side (there has to be one, right?), the city's new hiring list should be ready by late June 24. Last year, it wasn't finished until the end of summer, and teachers were still being hired days before school began.

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