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Mark Gaughan's article last Sunday ("Fatal finish") only serves to inflame the Bills' quarterback controversy. I doubt very much that Doug Flutie fanatics really believe Wade Phillips benched Flutie for Johnson. The decision obviously came from the hierarchy of the Bills organization.

Secondly, I believe the majority of Bills fans agree with the out-of-town scribes, who seem to know more about professional football than our local sportswriters. The bashing of Flutie comes from the local media, which assume they represent the views and opinions of the majority of Bills fans. Pandering to the public may work with manipulative politicians, but in sports, it's childish, irresponsible and insulting to the fans who read the Buffalo sports section.

Bills fans are smart, Mr. Gaughan, and most agree with the out-of-town writers' version of the quarterback controversy, namely, that Flutie should be the Bills' choice for starting quarterback.

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