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All My Children: Greenlee planned to use her old friend Ken to make Ryan jealous, but it didn't work. Rae hoped that Tad and Dixie's meeting with attorney Lyle Wedgewood would lead them to find Daniel and her daughter. After spotting Rae, Lyle informed Tad and Dixie that he didn't want to be on TV, and had a warning for Rae. Liza was furious to realize that Adam pushed Jake to sue for custody of Colby because he knew the truth about the child's paternity would be revealed in court. In a rage, Liza threw Adam out of the mansion, but he vowed to stand by Liza after learning about Jake's plan to marry Gillian before launching the suit. Coming: Hayley answers Mario's proposal. .

As the World Turns: Emily refused to pay attention to a warning and found herself in danger as a result. Abigail demanded to know what Molly has against Chris and made an important decision. Katie found things going her way as the outcome of Holly's misfortune. Jack and Carly looked to the future as they prepared for their wedding day. Andy assured Denise that they can work together but his family had other ideas as far as that went. Coming: Katie goes too far.

Bold and Beautiful: Taylor was unable to console Ridge, who felt badly about what he did to break up Thorne and Brooke. Macy arrived to warn Thorne about Brooke. Thorne apologized, but Macy floored him by saying that although she still loves him, she is not going to try to get Thorne back. Becky urged Amber to give up little Eric, begging her to do it precisely because she loves the baby. Moved by Becky's words, Amber finally told Rick the truth about how her baby died and her subsequent deception of Becky. A devastated Rick wondered how he could possibly go on if Becky takes back her child. Coming: Rick and Amber reach a crisis point.

Days of Our Lives: Nicole was stunned to read the information Brandon found about Abe, which was different from her fond childhood memories of Commander Carver. After Hope's family and friends were filled with optimism because the body may be Princess Gina, they awaited the results of a DNA test on the remains. Meanwhile, as Hope begged for medical assistance after suffering bouts of queasiness, she suddenly realized what might be wrong with her. Eric had exactly the disturbed reaction Nicole anticipated when he saw Greta's new apartment. Coming: John is torn regarding the secret he's keeping.

General Hospital: Sorel caught Liz off-guard by making it clear that his interest in her did not end with Jason's departure from Port Charles. Hearing of this, Sonny put Liz, as well as Tammy, under his protection. After a painful encounter with Sonny, Carly felt pressured to undertake a desperate plan of action. Mac wondered why a war of words would be taking place between his wife and Laura, but Felicia sidestepped his questions, leaving Mac increasingly upset. Chloe disguised herself as Alex in order to spend more time with Jax. Roy and Sonny reached a new understanding about their business connection. Coming: Emily has a musical breakthrough with Juan.

Guiding Light: Cassie tried to turn the tables on Richard, but her seductive plans did not produce the desired result. Beth made a drastic decision that left Phillip caught between difficult alternatives. Carmen vowed revenge and tried to set her latest scheme into motion. Reva's hopes for a reconciliation with Josh hit a stumbling block. A helpless Vanessa made an important discovery. Michelle hoped for the best as her trial began. Coming: Cassie makes a revelation.

One Life to Live: Jessica was unable to stop Roseanne and Cristian from being married, but she then blurted out the truth about Roseanne's scheme to keep her and Cristian apart. Cristian walked out on Roseanne after Will refuted Roseanne's claim that it was all his doing. When Bo was unable to find a gun on Ben, Max insisted that Ben must have passed it off to Sam. Lindsay revealed to Sam that she might be pregnant, while Nora warned Bo that Lindsay is hiding something. Max tried to stand up to Skye's blackmail, only to have her present him with the real adoption certificate. Coming: Asa creates more trouble for Will.

Passions: Thanks to Whitney's intervention, her friend Chuck pretended to be Theresa's boyfriend, much to Gwen's frustration. Timmy had to summon the witch doctor when Tabitha ate the poisoned food and melted! The doctor turned Tabitha into a fish to save her, and Charity unwittingly took the fish home. Grace snooped through some papers and discovered that Sam has been keeping secrets from her. Sheridan told Luis that she wants to help him find out if her family was involved in his father's disappearance. Their behavior was businesslike, but underneath, their connection was much more personal. Coming: Gwen refuses to give up her suspicions about Theresa.

Port Charles: Joe broke it to a confused Neil that Frank is his father, and Frank then tried to comfort the child. Julie became upset by Chris' belief that Christina should be tested because she is Neil's half-sister. Eve and Kevin followed a lead about Rachel's past, and Rachel was caught by surprise when Kevin called her "Livvie." Learning of his snooping, Rachel vowed to make Kevin pay. Scott remained conflicted when the shocking verdict was announced at Julie's trial. Coming: Neil's condition forces radical action.

Young and Restless: Victor pressed Nikki until she finally admitted having gone to Venice with Brad. Victor refused to listen to Nikki's explanation and stormed out. Victoria panicked when she received flowers from her unwelcome fan. Fed up with being blamed for the incident, Warton asked Michael to represent him. Tricia was shaken to learn that Tony had told Sharon about what happened in the Colonnade Room and begged her to honor Tony's deathbed wish and not tell Megan. Olivia tried to minimize Neil's concern about the fact that she needs a bone marrow test. Coming: Brad tries to win Nikki to his side.

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