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As a registered but independent Republican for almost 50 years, I am appalled and disgusted by the totally undemocratic way in which the New York State Republican Party has rigged the rules by which candidates can enter the presidential primaries.

As yet, I have not decided which candidate I will support in the next election. But I am publicly notifying the Republican Party that if Sen. John McCain is prevented from entering the New York State primary on a fair and equal basis with other candidates, I will absolutely vote against any Republican candidate in the general election. To drive my point home, this will include Republican candidates for state and local offices.

Since political parties only understand the power of money and votes, I encourage others to join me in this effort to force the Republican Party to change its unfair rules. At present, the only real clout that a voter has is at election time. The rest of the time, politicians can gleefully go about their business, ignoring the voters. If enough individuals exercise their opposition to these rules, perhaps we can make a change for better government and return some of the power to individuals, not large power groups.



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