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WHAT: CD release concert
WHEN: Feb. 4. Doors open at 9:30, show at 11 p.m.
WHERE: The Evening Star Concert Hall, 8810 Niagara Falls Blvd., Niagara Falls TICKETS: $5
INFO: 297-9857 or Web:

The unwavering belief in themselves roots the four members of Seven Day Faith to a unified vision of success.

The Niagara Falls quartet has spent most of its first two years together quietly sticking to a plan emphasizing songwriting and recording. Now with next week's release of the debut, "Life Says We Think Too Much," singer Rob Bilson says the band is ready to move on.

"I love how some bands play out every weekend, that's really great. But we wanted to only play out enough to gain a small following while we were writing the CD. Now that it's done, we're ready to go full out performing live," Bilson says.

Concentrating on songwriting, the group (Bilson, guitarist John Rosini, bassist Kevin Ernst and drummer Rob Ferenc) made sure not to lose focus on their ultimate vision of a music career. Bilson says the group judges everything they do on a national level -- the level they'll have to achieve to succeed. Everything from the group's slick color CD packaging, to a polished recording and even a new image (with looks to rival any teen band, the group has discarded baseball caps for a glossy, mature appearance) has major league appeal.

"If you look the part, hopefully they'll listen to the recording," Bilson says. "So when we look to our peers, we have to look at what's happening with major labels. If we wanted to be taken seriously, our CD had to get as close to what major labels are doing as we could within our budget."

One look and listen to "Life Says We Think Too Much" shows Seven Day Faith achieved that goal. The CD flows with wonderful radio-ready pop songs filled with Bilson's wholesome and heartfelt lyrics. He says he stays true to the song by staying true to himself.

"I have to write about songs that apply to me in some way. I can't write a song about doing drugs or politics because it's not what I'm feeling," Bilson says. "I have to write about relationships or life. We're all the same, so if I'm thinking about it, chances are other people are and they can relate to the song."

His lyrics are filled with the personal philosophy he shares inside the CD jacket: "Never say 'what if.' "

"It's like our album title says. If you start overthinking everything, you'll drag yourself down. You can't sit in your house hoping everything will work out," Bilson says. "If you keeping waiting for life to be perfect you might never succeed. We want to make a living out of music. We'll take a shot at it so we never say 'what if.' And even if it doesn't turn out, at least we tried."

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