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Rocking the boat
Some time ago, Ike Ehrlichman, who books movies for Dipson Theaters, booked "Cradle Will Rock" for an exclusive showing at the North Park (which shows only exclusive movies). Late last week, though, he found out from a third party that Disney had also booked the movie into the Quaker Crossing and Elmwood Regal Cinemas and the Angelika Film Center. Ehrlichman was fuming. "I take the picture out and put it into the Amherst Theater. That meant I was short a picture in the North Park. So I take 'Straight Story,' which I was going to move over to Eastern Hills, and put it back in the North Park. I had never done something like that before. But they had me by the . . . " "Straight Story," Ehrlichman said, would be shortly replaced by the Barry Levinson memoir "Liberty Heights." Disney, meanwhile, apologized profusely. Hey, no problem, we say. Send Donald Duck over for 300 hours of community service, and everyone can call it square.
It happened one Wednesday...
"Sleepless in Seattle?" A pale romance next to "It Happened One Night." The lovely 1934 Frank Capra movie stars Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, two of the sexiest human beings of the last century. In sharp contrast to today's movies, these two, forced to share a hotel room, fashion a curtain of bedsheets between the twin beds. That's how we remember it, anyhow. "It Happened One Night" is being shown Wednesday as part of a University at Buffalo film course and is open to the public. Buy a ticket, see the movie, join the discussion. It starts at 7 p.m. in the Angelika Film Center.
The call of the wild
Ever wonder what happens to all those really weird underground movies? Movies that are too disturbing, sordid or even silly for anyone but the truly adventurous? Starting Sunday night, they're going to drain down to Cinematic Cesspool, a late-night bacchanalia of the bizarre at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. Sunday's Cesspool party, which will kick off a continuing series, starts after the conclusion of the gallery's monthlong "Long Nights, Bright Screens" film festival. Featured -- along with refreshments and camaraderie, of course -- will be "Thundercrack," unforgettably described by Hallwalls as "solo, lesbian, heterosexual and mixed couplings viewed with a remorseless camera." What did you expect, "Forrest Gump"? The show starts at 11 p.m.
-- Mary Kunz

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