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An elderly British man whose one healthy kidney was mistakenly removed by surgeons was expected to die within days, hospital sources said Thursday.

"His condition is just so critical that it's really very likely that he'll die . . . and that could happen in a matter of days," a source at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales, told Reuters.

An official spokesman for the hospital confirmed 69-year-old Graham Reeves was still in intensive care in critical condition.

"His condition remains too critical at the moment even to allow us to consider other options," he said.

Reeves was transferred to Morriston after undergoing the operation at the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, south Wales.

He underwent surgery Monday to remove a diseased kidney. But surgeon John Roberts, 58, took out the pensioner's healthy kidney by mistake, leaving him with just the damaged organ.

Embarrassed hospital officials immediately launched an inquiry into the botched operation and described the mixup as an "adverse clinical incident."

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