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It's not too often that I agree with any Democrat on the Erie County Legislature, but I find myself agreeing with Legislator Greg Olma when he says, "We should be moving forward, not back to patronage and politics."

Chairman Chuck Swanick and the Democrats need to join us in this new century. The days of strong-arm union tactics are over. The voters of Erie County spoke loudly with the defeat of Dennis Gorski. Now Swanick wants to appoint County Democratic Chairman Steve Pigeon to a Water Authority position that has enormous power over jobs and contracts. He wants us to believe that the removal of Olma "was not political, but was an attempt to prepare the committee for the new challenges it will face in 2000."

The challenge I see is the Democrats trying to keep the power and control, and to stop County Executive Joel Giambra from succeeding in his commitment to the taxpayers. If all the political hacks that Gorski appointed truly believed in doing the "best for Erie County" they would step down. Then I'd feel that we were truly moving in the right direction. Instead we get politics as usual, and the county continues its downhill slide.


Grand Island

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