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A man suspected of repeatedly telephoning 911 with false calls about guns was arrested Wednesday after a pay phone was staked out, Buffalo police said.

Lt. Larry Baehre, a Police Department spokesman, said the man was calling 911 all morning. "He was becoming a nuisance," the lieutenant said.

Those calls, in which he alleged that there were men with guns at a nearby store, resulted in several patrol cars responding to the scene.

Lt. Dennis Richards listened to the tapes of those calls and staked out the phone at 294 Vermont St., where they had been made.

"He caught him red-handed on the telephone," Baehre said.

Franklin Nobile, 43, of 14th Street was charged with a misdemeanor count of falsely reporting an incident, Baehre said.

Police believe the motive was that Nobile was seeking retaliation against people he thought responsible for his truck getting towed away.

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