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The Jan. 19 News article, "Gifts gone astray" struck the final chord in me. I am tired of getting ripped off, and I am tired of having to fight my way through four or five calls each week from people asking me for money, wondering if it is really legitimate. I feel bad about becoming leery of every sales pitch that comes my way, but one has to be realistic.

Charities are going to have to be much more picky about how they raise money. One of the organizations mentioned only received $107,000 out of $769,000 raised. Couldn't the group have had volunteers raise $107,000 without emptying the pockets of all those well-intentioned givers? I agree that the telemarketers are not to blame, because the non-profit agencies agreed on a percentage or other set fees.

The non-profit organizations need to do like the rest of us and find a way to spend their money more efficiently. They need to find a way to get more volunteers -- as hard as it may be -- to raise money, and negotiate with the telemarketers a much greater percentage of return.



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