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ESPN analyst Joe Theismann is among those who think the Buffalo Bills easily could be here this week for the Super Bowl.

"When the Bills played the Titans, I made the statement -- and I still believe it -- that whichever team won that game would be the team that represents the AFC in the Super Bowl," he said. "That's how good I thought those two teams were."

Theismann on Bills quarterback Rob Johnson:

"He's sort of like this year's Elvis Grbac. Elvis last year had to prove he could play 16 football games. I think Rob has to prove that to lead the football team."

Theismann remains a Doug Flutie booster.

"I think Doug can play at least one, maybe two more years. He only won 10 football games for them. What else do you have to do?

"Does it have to be pretty? If you talk about pretty, certainly, the Tennessee offense is far from that."
Tennessee safety Anthony Dorsett will become the first son of a previous Super Bowl starter to also start in the NFL championship.

Dorsett's father, Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett, started in the 1978 and 1979 Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dorsetts are the third father-son combination to reach the Super Bowl.

The others are quarterbacks Bob and Brian Griese, and defensive tackle Frank Cornish and center Frank Cornish Jr.

Bob Griese was in three Super Bowls for Miami, and Brian was a backup for Denver last year. Cornish was a defensive tackle for the Dolphins in 1972 and his son played for Dallas in 1993-94.
Titans quarterback Steve McNair has received a lot of attention for his case of turf toe the past two months. Titans left tackle Brad Hopkins has dealt with his sore foot by keeping his problem to himself.

"The reason why I didn't attract attention to the fact I had turf toe is that means I've got to come in and get treatment. I've got eight million things to do. I don't want to be sitting in the training room with my toe in a bucket," he said.

"I just pretend that doesn't hurt. If I can deal with it, I deal with it."
In perhaps the ultimate example of how traditionally non-sports media wiggle their way into the Super Bowl hype, Cartoon Network representatives asked players Tuesday for their cartoon favorites and finagled promo spots from them.

"I have to go with Bugs Bunny," Rams QB Kurt Warner said. "He's always been a favorite of mine, and he's a Warner brother."
The Rams' touchdown dance, the "Bob and Weave," is the brainchild of rookie wide receiver Torry Holt.

Holt toyed with dances in practice early in the season, and first tried the "Bob and Weave" against the Atlanta Falcons.

"All the guys bought into it, the older guys put a stamp on it, and it went from there," Holt said.

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