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There is truly nothing super about the movie "Supernova," except for the fact that it is superficial and too often the special effects are a bit superfluous.

It's poorly scripted and chugs along at a pace that will leave most moviegoers more interested in their popcorn than the film. Also to be mentioned is the sub-par acting, which makes the movie seem more funny than it is scary.

The movie takes place in the early 22nd century, when the crew of a medical rescue vessel rescues a man in deep space and ends up snared in the gravitational pull of a giant blue star about to implode into a supernova.

Starring Angela Bassett and Lou Diamond Phillips, "Supernova" acting competes ferociously with the script to become the worst part of this already bad movie. In fact, the supposedly chilling lines are more likely to draw guffaws from any moviegoers who haven't already fallen asleep.

However, "Supernova" does excel in one area: the music. Composed by David Williams, the music is definitely a high point in the film. However, when it is played, it often does not fit the scene. For example, during the film's opening few minutes, incredibly dramatic music is played, when nothing really dramatic is going on. It's little slips like this that detract from the overall quality of the score.

Something that really stands out in the film would have to be the tremendous number of sexual situations. During the movie, one will begin to wonder what its true goal is: to become a tense action thriller or to jump on the Hollywood bandwagon and sneak as much sex into a PG-13 movie as possible.

The events and lines leading to these scenes don't make any sense and are unnecessary. A little focus would have been much appreciated.

All in all, "Supernova" would probably appeal more to younger moviegoers; however, the sex scenes and violence eliminate that as an option. Due to this, "Supernova" doesn't really fit anywhere, leaving it wandering helplessly through space, trying to become the film it aspired to be.

John Roberts is a freshman at Hamburg High School.

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