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Usually, after the end of a movie people simply get up and leave the theater in silence or you might hear some polite applause. But that wasn't the case at the newly released romantic comedy, "Down To You," starring Freddie Prinze Jr. ("She's All That") and Julia Stiles ("10 Things I Hate About You"). The entire movie theater, which felt more like a high school auditorium, erupted in applause and cheers as the credits rolled.

Such a positive response could be due to leading man Prinze, who drew screams from the females in the audience when he first appeared on the big screen.

As the story goes, Al (Prinze), a sophomore at a New York City college, meets Imogen (Stiles) at a campus party. They eventually fall in love.

As always in the movies, the perfect relationships never last. Al's friends are constantly reminding him that love is an illusion.

Imogen is fearful of marriage and having children during college. She forsees a dreadful picture of the two of them becoming old together. After Imogen takes a trip to Paris, they grow further apart and eventually split.

After college, Al has a fling with Cyrus (Selma Blair), a college friend, which doesn't last. His friends urge him to date other girls, but he remains unhappy. He tries to forget about Imogen. All he wants is that second chance.

The movie is very funny and entertaining, but contains two highly unusual scenes. Al starts up a conversation with a spider in his apartment when he is depressed and lonely.

And it wasn't the case of beer that Al drank that made him get his stomach pumped. No, it was Imogen's little bottle of shampoo he ingested that did the trick. Now that's a different way to get over a relationship.

Prinze and Stiles, two of Hollywood's unstoppable hot young stars, have great on-screen chemistry and do a great job in their roles.

What makes this teen romantic comedy different from the rest is that the female is featured as the bad partner in the breakup. Although both had doubts about their relationship, Imogen is the one who cheats on Al and eventually moves away. This provides a plot opposite of other movies and makes "Down To You" much more interesting and fun.

That's why the ending makes "Down To You" entertaining and definitely a must-see. I wouldn't be surprised if every audience applauded and cheered at the end of this one.

Sara Gorlewski is a sophomore at Orchard Park High School.

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