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The Village Board Monday night approved a special-use permit and site plan for a used car lot for McFadden Dealerships at the corner of Fairmount Avenue and Mall Boulevard.

Project Consultant Michael W. Pufpaff said the project will include 2.68 acres from the former Red Coach Inn location and another six-tenths of an acre of undeveloped land to the south. In addition, the property at 120 Mall Boulevard is being purchased by McFadden for a service facility.

The two major concerns expressed about the project have been drainage and lighting. Lakewood Mayor Anthony C. Caprino said board members felt Pufpaff and engineer Roger D. Harrower fully addressed those issues.

"The residents on Elmcrest Avenue are concerned about the lighting," said Caprino. "But, McFadden (Dealerships) has addressed that problem, and the lighting should be directed toward Mall Boulevard with baffles, so it shouldn't bother them."

Drainage was the lone concern voiced at a public hearing prior to the vote. Denny Anderson of Elmcrest said his problem is with a creek behind his property that flows to a wetland that is part of the site.

"Every time someone develops up above me on Hunt Road . . . I get more and more and more water (runoff)," he said.

Of McFadden's proposal to fill in and relocate a .17-acre wetland, Anderson said, "My concern is still my property with this free-flowing creek that runs year-round into that land. It just comes down the hill, and I get so much of it that, sometimes it's terrible. It's been three dry years, but when we have a wet year, there's going to be problems, and big problems."

Storm-water runoff is also a concern of the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy. In a letter to the board, Executive Director John Jablonski III said the organization is not opposed to the project, but he asked that the site be "reviewed as if the whole site will be developed in the future."

William McFadden's initial plans a couple of years ago called for moving all his dealerships to the Red Coach site, which, with additional land purchases, would encompass just over 11 acres. But no formal plans for anything more than the used car dealership have been submitted.

Jablonski also asked for additional filtering of storm water from the site to protect water quality. Pufpaff told the board he had documentation supporting the fact there would be "minimal impact" from storm water and that it should be handled by the existing storm sewers put in by the state on Fairmount Avenue and Mall Boulevard.

The former Red Coach Inn will be demolished, and a single-story, 2,975-square-foot sales office/administration building will be constructed at the site. The lot will hold a maximum inventory of 251 cars.

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