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When you look into someone's special eyes you see love.
Love is in everyone, pets, family, friends.
You should look around for love,
I bet you will find it.
-- Allison Donovan, 9, Amherst.


What is time?
Is it a day, hour, minute or second?
Is it permanent or temporary?
Is it realistic or make-believe?
Is it fast or slow?
Does it make up the future or history?
Whatever it is, it will continue to proceed,
And run into the future.
-- Juliana Marciniak, 13,

My favorite things

Coloring with new crayons
Fresh from the box.
Running around outside
Barefoot with no socks.
Ice water on a summer day.
Suck the ice till it melts away.
Hot chocolate with a marshmallow,
Eating lots of strawberry Jell-o.
Playing with Play-Doh on the kitchen floor.
Listening to my sister snore.
Getting letters in the mail.
A puppy with a tiny tail.
Roller coasters way up high.
Apple, cherry, pumpkin pie.
Cookies baking, peanut butter,
Rain sloshing in the gutter.
Everything that I love,
Comes from God, who lives above.
-- Kat Schiappa, 15, Getzville


Love is life
Love is needed wherever you go.
Love is animals
Love is family
Love is friends
Love is nature.
Love is Love,
So you must have Love
wherever you go.
-- Allison Donovan, 9, Amherst


Parties and the big Y2K
a mysterious silver bright moon ray.
That shines and glimmers upon us all,
while we're all planning for the millennium ball.
Resolutions and promises that we all make,
never come into effect for goodness sake.
Having a party and remembering good times,
But knowing that the new millennium year
will forever shine.
-- Juliana Marciniak, 13,


Wolves are howling in the snow
The calls go with the wind as it flows
Desperately waiting for a call
The wolf stands straight and tall
The moon shines bright
There's another wolf in sight
They howl together all day and night.
-- Chelsea O'Donnell, 8, Buffalo


Love is in your mind.
Love is not a crime.
There is no way you can put
love behind.
You need love.
And you will fly high, like a dove
in the sky.
-- Aaron Fields, 9, Buffalo

Be considerate

I'm very considerate
So are you.
I wish the world was
considerate too.
Wouldn't that be the greatest
thing in history?
-- Jorrel Alexander, 8, Buffalo

Thumb war

You push and get pushed with all your might,
Your finger starts to hurt,
But you can't give in now.
It's perfect Isostasy,
Until someone gives in.
You push,
He pushes.
Perfect balance.
Oh no,
you feel your finger's about to slip,
You tell yourself,
You can't give in now,
You can't give in now.
But wait.
His finger's slipping.
It's over . . .
You win!
-- Jonathan Galler, Williamsville

The life of a dog

He's so hairy that people call him Harry
And when he walks he sheds.
In his bed he raises his head.
But people don't know his name is Fred.
-- Kyle Kollatz, 8, Buffalo
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