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A new clothing line, Hybrid, has girls in everything from basic cargo and camouflage to rip-stop scuba and welded PVC. Found at, the site sells such items as a pinto pony skirt, a leatherette trench with poodle trim in salt and peppa, and rolled tube tops. Hybrid sports hip girl gear with an attitude, and the attitude can clearly be seen on all of the Hybrid T-shirts, which show cartoon girls wearing futuristic military clothes and holding smoking guns.


Sticker film is a pretty groovy invention. Take mini-pictures, pull them right out of the camera and plaster them wherever. Coat your photos all over your crush's locker or binder, or give your archenemies the locker-dressings of a lifetime.

There's no better way to take a sticker picture than with Polaroid's I-Zone Pocket Camera. Cameras come in radical red, breezy blue and cool lime, and you can grab them for under $20 at most department stores. If you just want to aim and shoot -- not stick, your best bet is the Polaroid JoyCam ($25), which is affordable, dependable and joyfully easy to use. Look for it at camera stores. For more info, call Polaroid toll-free at (800) 343-5000.


Imagine yourself in the pilot's seat, your hands at the helm of a Learjet. You're flying out of control over New York City and, as a final act of desperation, you crash land into the World Trade Center.

Well, never fear. It's only a simulation -- Microsoft's "Flight Simulator 2000" (CD-ROM, $44.95) -- but it's so realistic, you'll swear you're really about to nosedive from 20,000 feet.

Choose from nine different aircraft -- from the speed-of-sound Concorde to the Sopwith Camel. Take off from more than 20,000 airports around the world. Download current weather reports and "Flight Simulator 2000" will generate clouds, rain, thunderstorms.


"We sign every autograph, no matter how hot it is, or how much your butt hurts."

-- Devin Lima, of boy band LFO.

-- Knight Ridder

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