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Britain's Anglican Church joined forces Monday with its Catholic cousin in opposing a government move to allow schools to promote the acceptability of homosexuality.

The show of support from Britain's largest church was a setback to the government's plans.

Prime Minister Tony Blair wants to repeal a ban imposed under the 1980s government of Margaret Thatcher on promoting the idea in schools that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

A move to lift the ban by June was going largely unnoticed across Britain until a furor erupted in Scotland, which has a larger percentage of Catholics than the rest of Britain.

The archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, deepened the debate Monday by supporting the Catholic Church's opposition to lifting the ban, known as Section 28.

"I condemn prejudice against anyone on the basis of sexual orientation," Carey said in a statement. "But I also resist placing homosexual relationships on an equal footing with marriage as the proper context for sex," he added.

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