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We've all heard the old expression, "making a mountain out of a molehill." However, coverage of a recent job-creation announcement of epic proportions made me turn this old saying on its head, "making a molehill out of a mountain."

Only if readers dug through 29 pages of the Jan. 10 News would they have found a story on page three of section D that an e-commerce company, Skulogix, is opening its state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in the Walden Business Center in Lancaster.

Skulogix plans to immediately hire 150 workers and eventually expand its work force to 800. The company's new 122,000-square-foot building is scheduled to grow into a mammoth 800,000-square-foot facility in only a few years.

An official from the international company said Skulogix chose the Lancaster site because of New York State's "tax-friendly environment," "talented work force," and "helpful" and "welcoming" state government.

The main reason Skulogix is setting up shop here is very simple and clear. In 1997, a new state law was created that allows out-of-state suppliers to use New York companies, like Skulogix, to sell and warehouse products without being charged astronomical corporate franchise and sales taxes.

Sensible laws and $10.6 billion in tax reductions over the last five years is making New York State the obvious choice for a growing number of high-tech companies.

I'm excited about Skulogix becoming our newest economic neighbor and look forward to doing more to attract new businesses and jobs to Western New York.


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