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Now that Hillary Clinton is officially a resident of New York State, she is free to continue pursuing her ambition to be elected to the Senate. However, I will not be casting my vote for her. It's not because Clinton is a carpetbagger, but because I feel she is a poor role model for American women.

Women exert powerful influence over other women, not only by what they say, but by how they live and present themselves.

What kind of message is she sending by her unfeminine style of dress and her determination to live and operate independently of her husband? If Clinton really wanted to do New York State a favor, she would not be living in Chappaqua, while her husband is alone in Washington, D.C.

The feminist movement has done absolutely nothing to help strengthen American families. Encouraging women to put themselves, their career and personal ambition before their husband, home and children has become a threat to America. A nation can only be as strong and healthy as the individual family units that comprise it.

It does not really take "a village" to raise a child who will become an asset to the community. It takes a set of parents who are committed to one another in love and marriage, and to the care and rearing of their children.

Children don't need "a village" as much as they need a loving mother, willing to make sacrifices so she can stay at home to rear her preschool children, whenever possible. It takes the example of a father with strong character, who is willing to temper his love for his children with discipline.

I am all for women shining in the political arena, but why not vote women into office like Elizabeth Dole, whose virtues, strong family values, femininity and good example can influence women and society for the better?

Clinton, like so many other women before her, believes the feminist lie: "Ladies you are No. 1! You can have it all!"



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