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Words cannot describe the anger I felt after reading the Jan. 11 lead article, "Clogged arteries," in our "hometown" paper. Perhaps "paper rage" would be appropriate.

One can only imagine what visitors, business people or those who have relocated from Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Atlanta would think of our "traffic jams." An-hour-and-a-half "crawling" commute to and from work is a daily part of life in these cities.

With all the change that needs to happen in the Buffalo area and the positive attitude that our new leaders are trying to create, it would hardly seem appropriate to make this issue of minor inconvenience front-page news.

Perhaps we should all reread the behavior article on "crankiness" that appeared in the Jan. 9 News. The writer asks, "How much faster can we go?" and offers some great tips for gaining control. I know I had to gain control after reading about our "traffic congestion." Get real.


Orchard Park

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