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All My Children: Trevor shared a heartbreaking goodbye with Janet as he fled from the law. Mateo and Hayley felt that the idea of Trevor murdering Sophie didn't ring true, and Janet later admitted to Hayley and Brooke that she had killed Sophie. Greenlee was crushed when Ryan broke off their affair. Becca was upset when she realized that Scott knew about his surprise party and lashed out at Greenlee for ruining the celebration. Becca was rewarded when Scott kissed her passionately. Questioned by Edmund about her time in the mental hospital, Alex claimed to have blocked her memories of why she was committed. Coming: Adam vows to keep Liza in his life.

As the World Turns: John thought he was being helpful, but his interference made things worse for both Andy and Camille. Emily took another look at her career path, and was happy with the results of her fresh outlook on life. Carly believed that her problems were over, but in fact they were waiting to snag her when she least expected it. Chris refused Bob's offer of help. Jake offered assistance to Lucinda and John. Margo was given a chance for a fresh start. Coming: Camille and Isaac forge a bond.

Bold and Beautiful: Eric lied and denied everything when Stephanie demanded to know if he had awareness that Brooke and Thorne are romantically involved. Threatened by Tawny to stay away from Amber and little Eric, Becky pretended that she was leaving Venice. Instead, Becky told Amber that she wants to see the baby, which Amber reluctantly permitted, but added that she would not return the child to Becky. Brooke was stunned when Ridge told her that Taylor was leaving him because of his lingering feelings for Brooke. When Ridge pulled Brooke into a kiss, she didn't resist, and Thorne walked in to see their heated embrace, then fled. Coming: Things get heated between Amber and Becky.

Days of Our Lives: "Hope's" death was a devastating blow to many, especially Greta and Bo. John and Marlena were shocked by Lexie's news that "Hope" was already dying of lung cancer. John stole "Hope's" therapy file from Marlena's office and had a memory of making love to "Hope" on the submarine, a flashback he opted to withhold from Marlena. Meanwhile, Hope and Stefano's efforts at sending out the SOS were successful when the radio station responded. Nicole tried convincing Greta to rent her old apartment -- a fact of which Greta was unaware -- knowing that if Eric ever visited Greta there he would be flooded with memories of Nicole. Coming: Sami tires to learn more about Brendan.

General Hospital: Jason shared a tender kiss with Carly, but didn't tell her he was about to leave town. Just as Carly found out that she's pregnant, Jason made his farewell from Port Charles. Sonny informed Carly of Jason's departure and blamed her for causing it, while A.J. was thrilled that Jason would not longer stand between him and Edward. Hannah was stunned to learn that the FBI has been using her and that Roy's involvement in Sonny's case is to protect her. Bobbie got the wrong idea when she saw Roy comforting Hannah. Stefan was convinced that Helena's association with Faison was tied to Luke. Coming: Mac witnesses Laura and Felicia at odds.

Guiding Light: Reva and Richard shared a joyous reunion. Josh accepted an invitation from Olivia, as he as well as Cassie vowed to move on with their future. As Michelle's trial was under way, she confronted the key witness against her. Carmen came up with a deadly scheme as a way to silence Vanessa permanently. Beth and Phillip tried to put the plane crash behind them, but its traumatic effect proved difficult to overcome. Coming: Cassie wrestles with her true feelings.

One Life to Live: Bo arrested Will as a shocked Jessica looked on. After Asa showed Jessica the checks that Will wrote to Roseanne, she was crushed when Will admitted that he had been paying Roseanne to keep Cristian in New York. Panicked at her own betrayal being revealed, Roseanne rushed to marry Cristian immediately. Ben lay in wait for Asa, a loaded gun in his hand, while Viki, dismayed by Ben's obsession with revenge, tipped off Sam to his plan. Kelly decided against telling Joey the truth when she realized that she and Kevin still shared a mutual attraction. Coming: Lindsay makes an admission to Sam.

Passions: Pilar was vindicated when the DNA test proved that the dead man was not Martin. Despite Julian's cover under questioning, Luis remained convinced that he's hiding something. Orville hid the information about Eve's past in a statue that his neighbor, Ruth, stole from his apartment. Unaware of this, Eve torched Orville's place, almost frying herself before she escaped. Gwen accused Ethan of being in love with Theresa and refused to see him until he believes that Theresa is lying. Tabitha set out to make sure that Charity kills Miguel, and arranged for her to serve him poisoned food. Coming: Sheridan and Luis are drawn closer together.

Port Charles: Joe found a delirious Neil in the park and rushed him to the hospital, only to be shattered when Courtney admitted that Neil is not his son. Things got worse for Joe when Courtney revealed that Frank is Neil's father, and when Karen admitted to Joe that she knew about it, a betrayal Joe was unable to forgive. Kevin realized that Rachel might have her own demons when she had a major episode of claustrophobia while stuck in an elevator. Confronted by Scott about the bribery plan, Julie shifted the blame onto Chris. Coming: Rachel reacts to news of Kevin's snooping.

Young and Restless: As a critically ill Tony lay in the hospital, Sharon arranged for him and Megan to be married immediately. Soon after, Tony went into cardiac arrest and died. Ryan became concerned that Tricia's behavior was too normal for dealing with the tragedy she had inadvertently caused. Victor surprised Nikki with his return and said he wants to save their marriage. Brad, who had submitted his resignation, called Nikki, who informed him that she would not be turning up to meet him. In Detroit, Sam read in a newspaper article about Callie's divorce petition from Trey. Coming: Victor confronts Nikki about Brad.

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