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Attention Buffalo Bills fans. We can't win with Wade Phillips! We can't win with Wade Phillips! Two years ago when he was hired, I laid down and cried.

Now take us to black Saturday in Nashville. He made the worst coaching decision in the history of Buffalo sports. Twenty seconds to play and Wade panicked and kicked a field goal. Wrong move! Only one decision was in order. Quarterback sneak, spike ball with five seconds left, kick a field goal and run to the tunnel.

Oh, I forgot, Wade and Genius Joe Pendry never heard of the spike play. I'd also like to mention a couple more of Wade's coaching boners. He mishandled Rob Johnson (a great talent) who should have been quarterback all year, kept a coach (Bruce DeHaven) who has let special teams slip badly the last three years, and badly handled the Andre Reed fiasco. That's only a few; you could go on and on.

Let me add how disappointed I am in Larry Felser and Jerry Sullivan for not totally blaming Wade for not running down the clock. Another prime example of soft sports journalism in Buffalo.

Only Cris Collinsworth on Fox Network stated there should not have ever been a kickoff. I've been dying with the Bills since the late 1940s and this is definitely the worst of all time. Wade: kneel down, spike, kick field goal and run for the tunnel.

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