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Larry Felser writes, "I can't imagine Flutie bringing the Bills back from a 12-0 halftime deficit."

I say, "Wake Up!" The reason you had a 12-point deficit to begin with is because Rob Johnson played more like Rick Mirer than the second coming of Jim Kelly, as Felser would have us believe. Johnson was ineffective and Flutie could've beaten Tennessee. Everybody in the football-loving universe knows this except the feckless fans and media in Buffalo.

For a while now I've been reading you hacks rip into Flutie with low blows and lame rationalizations about his stats and Johnson's "tight spirals." I'd like to see Johnson throw a tight spiral up Felser's big mouth.

At 10 of 22 and 45 percent accuracy, it might be the only target big enough for him to hit. A writer worth reading would've stood up and admitted that the coach's decision and his quarterback's play blew the game and a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl ring. But not Larry.

Well congratulations, Felser. At least you're consistent.

Read the writing on the bathroom wall and get out of town fast, Doug Flutie. Buffalo is a city for losers!

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