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The Erie County Courthouse under construction on Franklin Street is waaaay over budget -- and hasn't even gotten past the foundation stage yet -- but that's not stopping local pols from scrapping about what the thing will be called.

Will it be the county's tribute to Dennis Gorski, a little trinket for his 12 years as county executive?

Democrats think that's a great idea. One legislator, Mike Fitzpatrick, has offered a resolution to call the $80 million building the Kane-Gorski-Doyle Courthouse, which would add the names of two local judges to Gorski's.

But Republicans object, saying the three men aren't dead yet. The GOP would rather see naming rights to the building sold to bring in some extra cash for the county.

Maybe everybody should forget both of those ideas and go with a name that reflects reality.

At least that's what Democratic Legislator Al DeBenedetti thinks.

"Let's just call it the Flimflam-50 Percent Courthouse," he said. "As in, we've been flimflammed and now we're 50 percent over budget."

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