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Dear Ann Landers: I would like to comment on the "how we met" story where the writer said people were amazed that her marriage lasted 50 years. She's assuming that all 50-year marriages are happy. Wrong.

My parents have been married more than 50 years, and my father should get a medal. My mother was in love with a young soldier who was killed in World War II. She then married my father, who was 4-F. He was a very decent man -- didn't drink or smoke, and I'm sure he never cheated on her. He worked 40 years for the same company, then, went into business for himself and did well.

You'd think she would appreciate such a man, but my mother has an unbelievably abusive mouth. I looked like a brother she couldn't stand, and paid for it for years. I guess my father's rationale has been he made his bed, and now, he has to lie in it. He has always let Mom have her way. The closest thing to a complaint I ever heard from him was a few years ago, when he said he would not remarry if my mother died first, and added, "She can be a little domineering, you know."

I only hope someday my mother will realize how lucky she was to have found my father. Very few people would have put up with her for 50 minutes, let alone 50 years.

-- L.R., Kansas City
Dear Kansas City: You don't indicate whether you are a male or a female. I'm betting you're a guy. Thanks for a letter that is sure to hit many readers where they live.

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