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Even though it only takes a moment of logical thought to realize that neither the second millennium nor the 20th century ended Friday, many people think they did. That doesn't surprise me. Most of us are apt to believe various things to be true because it seems they ought to be true. There are more important misconceptions about which we ought to be concerned.

It definitely didn't surprise me when marketing wizards jumped on this bandwagon. It's their job to find ways to sell products. I won't be surprised if they use the same millennial hype next year.

However, I was disappointed when various news/media organizations began to follow along. While I don't hold the mainstream TV networks and their local affiliates to very high standards, I was dismayed to find The Buffalo News, PBS, NPR and WBFO among this group. If those we depend on to report the news are swayed by popular opinion and marketing strategies in this small matter, how can we be sure they are not swayed by these or other forces when they report on more important issues?



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