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In the Dec. 25 News, Detroit Lions player Robert Porcher complained about playing games on holidays. He said, "It's a part of our job that a lot of people don't think about."

That's funny -- as a dairy farmer for 34 years, I've thought a lot about working on holidays -- every one of them. Not to mention all the news people, health-care workers, telephone operators, snow plow drivers, radio and TV personnel, pilots and stewardesses, airport people, taxi drivers, toll takers, truckers, train and subway operators, policemen, firefighters and caregivers who work on holidays. The list goes on and on, so forgive me if I left someone out.

I have no pity or kind thoughts for these professional athletes, who are paid large amounts of money to play a game. They know from the time they sign their contracts that games will be played and no matter when, they should be thankful for their talents and play when the schedule demands, and hope that fans will attend those games.

We postponed our Christmas celebration a week in order to get the family together. Porcher could make other arrangements with his family, too, if necessitated by his schedule.



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