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For all its rich heritage in architecture and economic history, Western New York also has been the birthplace or the nursery of several persons who have made important contributions as politicians or officeholders.

1. John Lord O'Brian, key war production adviser to President Woodrow Wilson during World War I, founder of Covington & Burling, powerful Washington, D.C., law firm.

2. William J. Donovan, commander of World War I Rainbow Division, campaign aide to Herbert Hoover, Republican candidate for governor and founder of the Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency.

3. Buffalo Mayor Frank X. Schwab, the 1920s "People's Mayor" who refused to enforce prohibition laws. Effective in the fight against the Buffalo Ku Klux Klan.

4. Charles S. Desmond, an attorney, who led the campaign against the KKK and later became the chief judge of the state.

5. Buffalo Mayor Thomas Holling, businessman and Depression-era Democrat who led a reform movement.

6. Frank Raichle, an attorney who led a searching investigation into City Hall corruption and paved the way for a reformed city charter.

7. Paul A. Fitzpatrick, a local businessman who became state Democratic chairman.

8. Frank C. Moore, mayor of Kenmore who became state comptroller. Created the state constitution's Local Government Bill of Rights, which discourages consolidation of local governments.

9. Congressman Walter G. Andrews of Niagara Falls, the first chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

10. Walter J. Mahoney, majority leader of the State Senate who played a role in bringing the University of Buffalo into the State University of New York system.

11. Buffalo Mayor Frank A. Sedita, whose much-investigated administration was able to launch the Niagara District urban renewal project.

12. Earl W. Brydges of Niagara Falls, State Senate majority leader, developed Artpark.

13. Congressman William E. Miller of Lockport, 1964 candidate for vice president on Barry Goldwater's ticket.

14. Buffalo Council President Delmar L. Mitchell, first black to be elected citywide, and a leader in racial reconciliation in the 1960s.

15. Peter J. Crotty, Erie County Democratic chairman who was instrumental in swinging the state behind the nomination of John F. Kennedy for president.

16. Joseph F. Crangle, Democratic county and state chairman who helped Daniel Patrick Moynihan win election to the U.S. Senate.

17. Alfreda Slominski, strong supporter of neighborhood schools as a Buffalo school board member and the first woman to be elected Erie County Comptroller.

18. Sheriff Michael A. Amico of Erie County, gained national notoriety for his investigations of UB faculty and others involved there in the anti-war movement.

19. Edward V. Regan, Erie County executive who built Ralph Wilson Stadium, later state comptroller.

20. Eugene T. Reville, Buffalo schools superintendent who used magnet schools as the keystone of the integration program.

21. John T. Curtin, as U.S. attorney won the first criminal conviction of a water polluter in this century, later was federal judge handed down and oversaw a decision ordering integration of Buffalo schools.

22. Congressman Jack F. Kemp of Hamburg, authored the 1981 federal tax cuts and was Republican candidate for vice president in 1996.

23. Assemblyman William B. Hoyt II, advanced reforms in governance of Roswell Park Cancer Institute and helped preserve the Genesee River Gorge at Letchworth State Park.

24. Congressman Barber B. Conable Jr. of Alexander, co-author of the tax-reform laws of 1981 and 1983, regent of the Smithsonian Institution and president of the World Bank.

25. Former Congressman Bill Paxon of Akron, as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee helped engineer the election of the first Republican House majority in 40 years.

26. James T. Molloy, served longest in history as House doorkeeper.

27. Henry J. Nowak of Buffalo, instrumental in bringing $1 billion worth of federal aid projects to Western New York.

28. Assembly Deputy Speaker Arthur O. Eve of Buffalo, longtime leader and campaigner for racial justice.

29. Dolores M. Denman, presiding judge, Fourth Department of the New York State Appellate Division.

30. Denise O'Donnell, first woman to be appointed U.S. attorney in Western New York.

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