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Once again, The News has been poisoned by the lunacy spewed from the simplistic mind of Molly Ivins. Readers have come to expect her ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, but in a recent op-ed column, she showed her lack of scriptural knowledge, declaring that conservatives are not good Christians.

While the more contemplative among us would argue that Jesus' teachings transcend both liberal and conservative philosophy, Ivins instead chooses to belittle those who speak of Jesus aloud.

She ignores the fact that Jesus commanded his followers to evangelize on many occasions. Jesus' requests for modesty came not in regards to preaching the truth, but to prayer and personal sacrifice.

Jesus would certainly not accept several modern conservative principles, especially regarding the death penalty, but Ivins should think before proclaiming Jesus a liberal.

While Jesus calls us to be the model of charity, conservatives are advocates for private charity over government programs. Writings from the early Church caution against the expectation of handouts from the community, advocating personal responsibility and hard work over receiving charity.

Christians, in order to be true to the Gospel, must also recognize strict standards of right and wrong. Although the Gospels assure us of God's endless mercy, relative morality has no place in the teachings of Jesus. We are often warned of God's final judgment against the wicked. Lying and hypocrisy are dealt with harshly, and so is the liberal bastion of humanism.

It's clear that liberal heroes like William Clinton and Larry Flynt are poor role models for a nation under God, while Ivins joins the chorus of fools at Babel.



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