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WHAT: Henri Matisse: Jazz.
WHEN: Through Jan. 9
WHERE: McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, 1280 Main St., Hamilton, Ont.

TICKETS: Donation requested

INFO: (905) 525-9140 ext. 23081

Late in life, when recuperating from an illness and unable to use a brush, Henri Matisse discovered a way to join line and color in one simple operation. In the child-like act of cutting out shapes from sheets of colored paper, the old artist once again transformed his art as he had done so often in the past. The work that came out of this new "cut-out" technique (new for Matisse and modern art, anyway) was dramatically direct and elemental. He thought of it in almost three-dimensional terms. "Cutting into living color reminds me of the sculptor's direct carving," he said. Among the boldest and most succinctly designed projects of the many using cut-paper was a portfolio of prints derived directly from a series of cut-out images around the theme of jazz. "Henri Matisse: Jazz," an exhibition of the complete portfolio with text in the artist's own hand, will be in its final week beginning Sunday.

-- Richard Huntington

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