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Gun manufacturers are now being sued because of the criminal misuse of firearms. One article said the lawsuits are intended to make manufacturers stop selling their products to dealers who make "strawman" sales.

A strawman sale is when a person buys a gun for someone who has a criminal record and is prohibited from owning a gun. If a dealer does this, he will lose his license and could go to jail. Since guns can easily be traced back to the dealers, why is this law not strictly enforced?

President Clinton's announcement that the federal government will join these lawsuits is just one of his back-door ways of attacking gun manufacturers.

In a recent interview, several local law-enforcement officials said that passing more laws is not the answer -- enforcement of existing laws is. Funny, but the National Rifle Association says the same thing. Could they be right?

We have laws in this state that say if a person is caught with an illegal handgun, he goes to jail for one year. It is also against federal law for a felon to own or even try to buy a gun -- there is jail term for doing so. Why aren't these laws being strictly enforced?

I know -- because the courts are backed up and the jails are overcrowded. So instead of enforcing the laws, we put these criminals back on the street where they can kill someone, and force law-abiding citizens to give up their guns.

No law-abiding citizen wants to see crimes committed with a gun. People need to get their heads out of the sand and tell the government to enforce the laws we have and get the criminals off the street.

We need to make people responsible for their own actions. Let's take the bad apples out of the barrel.



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