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A guard and an inmate were killed Tuesday night at the state's maximum-security prison during an escape attempt that led to a two-hour standoff, officials said.

Warden Burl Cain said the prisoners thought they could force their freedom by mimicking the strategy of Cuban inmates who held several guards hostage earlier this month at a Louisiana jail.

Capt. David Knapps was beaten to death with a hammer when he refused to give his keys to six or seven inmates in a classroom at Louisiana State Penitentiary, Cain said.

Cain said a male and female guard also were overpowered and were being held at knifepoint in separate rooms when the warden came down to negotiate.

After officers found the guard's body in a bathroom, Cain ordered an assault. An unidentified inmate who ran out with a knife was killed, and another inmate was critically injured, Cain said. The two guards held as hostages weren't hurt.

On Dec. 16, a six-day standoff at the St. Martinville jail ended peacefully when six Cuban detainees released a warden, a female guard and five female inmates. They had been demanding their release and passage out of the country. They were deported to Cuba.

Cain said the Angola inmates "thought it would work for them like it did over there, but it didn't."

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