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The Town of Hamburg started preparing for the year 2000 and possible computer glitches from Y2K several years ago.

While town computer systems have been reviewed and pronounced Y2K-ready, the town has a special "key-man" crew ready to go New Year's Eve.

In addition to the regular around-the-clock vigilance of the Police Department and the Public Safety Dispatch team, the special key-man crew of 15 will be staffing computer stations, radios, emergency vehicles, strategic power generators, an electric monitoring post, telephones and other posts.

Hamburg Town Supervisor Patrick H. Hoak said it's all part of a well-rehearsed Y2K preparedness network. The Hamburg Emergency Management Squad and Safety Dispatch leadership also have pronounced the town ready.

Should electric service be cut off, the town offices would instantly switch to a battery of gasoline-powered generators preventing emergency electric systems from failing. The generators and equipment they service have a comprehensive back-up system and are tied to a wide-spread relay network surrounding the community, the supervisor said.

"An amazing brigade of mutual help is in place linking villages, towns, cities and rural communities under a county command post. Your safety during the remote probability of a Y2K problem has been a priority," Hoak said.

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