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So how are teens planning to ring in the year 2000?

Sara Pacitto, 17, a senior at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, is headed to the Barenaked Ladies concert at Marine Midland Arena. "I'm really looking forward to it because they're one of my favorite bands."

Leighann Buzzard, a sophomore at Williamsville East, is also going to the BNL concert with her friends.|

Dave Baumgartner, a member of the Class of 2000 at East, is going with his girlfriend Courtney.

Shannon Steinmiller, 17, a Sacred Heart senior, was "thinking about going up to Toronto with some friends to see my favorite band, the Tragically Hip."

Cat Agustiady, 15, a Sacred Heart junior, is "going to New York City with my family to watch the ball drop from Times Square." Also headed to Times Square was Zach Ransom, a freshman at Williamsville East.

Shannon Kahabka, a freshman at Clarence, said: "I don't really have any plans yet. I'll probably get together with friends and watch the Goo Goo Dolls play in Times Square on MTV." (The MTV broadcast, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., will include live performances from Blink 182, 98 Degrees, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, Bush and Puff Daddy.)

Parties, with family or friends, are also in the forecast.

Francina Nardolillo, a freshman at Clarence, is "going to this huge party with my parents and cousins and everyone else I know at this big hotel. It cost over $100 dollars per person."

Beth Budniak, 16, a Sacred Heart junior, is "going to a big formal party with all my friends."

Andrea Gioia, a sophomore at Buffalo Seminary, is "going to a party, which should be a lot of fun."

Ashley Wilt, a freshman at Clarence, is "going to a party at my aunt's house."

Others are headed for ski country. "I'm going to my place in Ellicottville with my family and some of my friends," said Alex SanSouci, a sophomore at Williamsville East.

Staying home is also an option.

Brittany Binner, a freshman at Clarence, is "staying home while my parents have a party."

Sherri Gagliardi, also a Clarence freshman, is "staying home with my family -- my mom will not let me go out."

Charlotte George, a senior at Clarence, says, "I have no plans ... so I'm not really a good one to ask."

When asked what she's doing for New Year's Eve, Katie Jones, a sophomore at Clarence, responded: "Nothing, unfortunately."

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