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Get a load of this: Seventeen magazine is ringing in the new year with 2,000 giveaways. What can you win? How 'bout stuff like Rollerblades, a pair of Skechers or gift certificates to stores like Pier 1 Imports? It's easy to enter: Just jot down what you want to win on a postcard and ship it to Seventeen, Sneak Preview Giveaway, 850 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022. (Now don't get greedy; only one item can be requested on each postcard, but multiple entries are OK.) Deadlines vary, so check out the details in the January mag. The contest is open to girls ages 12 to 20.


Boxer Stephan Johnson died Dec. 5, 15 days after being knocked out in a national junior middleweight title fight in New Jersey. Craig Hamilton, manager for boxer Paul Vaden, who dealt the knockout blow, called Johnson's death "a terrible thing for him, for his family, for the sport." Johnson suffered an earlier brain injury in April in Toronto and was suspended from fighting and training for 60 days under Canadian boxing rules. But those rules didn't apply in New Jersey, so he went there to fight. Johnson's mother and his manager said they had urged him to quit boxing. But he said he wanted to box long enough to get his mother out of the projects in New York. The fight against Vaden was to have paid him $100,000.


Have an eye on college? First, put your eye on Power Students (, a Webzine for fun-loving thinkers. There are pathways for high school, college, jobs and something called Sports University, with lots of stories and advice anybody can groove on.

In the high school section, sneak a peak at student diaries, delve into fashion and check out the latest music and movie reviews. Ready for college? Find out about campus life, scholarships, internships and "the quick-and-easy guide to quick-and-easy breakups." Sports University offers practical advice from student athletes. Become a Power Students member and grab a free e-mail address.


An unofficial Web site has been set up by fans of Glenn Quinn who are irritated that his "Doyle" character recently was killed off on WB's "Angel" show. According to the Web site, at, Doyle fans can let the WB know what they think by e-mailing The Web site also lists mailing addresses for Joss Whedon and others connected with the show.


"I'm going to take the next year off to write and just sort of be out of the spotlight and see where the winds blow."

--Singer Sarah McLachlan. Like fellow Canadian singer Celine Dion, McLachlan's taking a break. McLachlan says she'll let someone else head up Lilith Fair 2000.

-- Knight Ridder

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