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Recently, while I was shopping at a meat market, there was a sudden ringing and the person next to me took his cell phone out of his pocket and began talking.

Next, while dining at a nice restaurant and engaging in pleasant conversation with my companion, we were interrupted by a ringing cell phone. That person continued talking for 10 minutes while his two companions looked at each other as if they were eavesdropping on his conversation -- which was so loud that all conversation between my companion, myself and other patrons ended.

Then the ringing of a cell phone startled the patients in a doctor's quiet waiting room. This person not only answered that call, but proceeded to make three more calls.

Last, but not least, while attending Mass in church, yes, another cell phone rang and the person continued her conversation for several minutes.

I understand that cell phones can be important should one's car break down or in case of an emergency. But is it an emergency in the market, restaurant, doctor's office or church?

I'm told cell phone use is the biggest source of complaints to restaurant owners, and some of the finer ones are now asking users to dine in designated "cell phone rooms." I only hope more restaurants follow suit.



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