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I am proud of our political leaders in Western New York. I wish they were in power when foolish individuals rushed to promote Paul Revere's house in Boston, the Courthouse at Appomattox or the battlefield at Gettysburg.

Think of the time I might have saved if they had never dug up and exposed the foundation of Ben Franklin's home in Philadelphia.

If all those old dusty Civil War battlefields had been turned into cornfields or subdivisions, my family might have spent fewer weekends on the road visiting otherwise unattractive sections of this country.

A beautiful hand-built authentic 17th century sailing vessel named the Sea Lion is sunk in the backwaters of the Buffalo Harbor, with just the top of the mast and crow's nest visible.

I saw it while on a cruise of the beautiful harbor last summer. The image of this rotten, moldy rigging barely hanging onto a tilted rotting mast would be a good symbol for this controversy about our past.

Our leaders show great vision to sit on the sidelines while the debate continues on burying the western terminus of the Erie Canal. They are correct. This is a hot-potato issue. There is much to consider.

An increase in tourism is not worth what might be gained by burying the canal in committees to "study the issue." Rebuilding the airport and our bridge to Canada -- so Western New Yorkers can more easily exit this region -- are far more important issues.



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