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Yugoslavia's chief government prosecutor said Sunday that Kosovo was sliding into anarchy and denounced NATO and the United Nations for letting it happen.

Vukasin Jokanovic said Kosovo, officially part of Serbia but as of this summer an international protectorate, has become a haven for drug trafficking and lawlessness.

"I am saying that Kosovo is now ruled by terrorists, criminals, narco cartels . . . under the nose of (NATO-led) Kosovo Force and United Nations" officials, Jokanovic was quoted as saying by the private Beta news agency.

Ethnic fighting between Kosovo's independence-minded ethnic Albanians and Serbs ended this summer with NATO intervention. Serb government troops were forced to pull out and hand over authority of the province to a joint NATO-U.N. peace mission.

Serbia's authorities have described the ethnic Albanian insurgents as "terrorists" and said their independence movement was being financed by Kosovo Albanian expatriates involved in the drug trade and other crime in Western Europe and the United States.

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