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I am not a member of the Delaware Park Liberation League, however, I am sympathetic to their cause. A few weeks ago, the group claimed responsibility for removing banners naming the corporate sponsors of the Lights in Delaware Park holiday display. Their action was small but significant. Advertisements inundate our daily life.

Sometimes I feel like an old crank when I talk about the evils of advertising, but the statistics and data are overwhelming. Americans spend more and save less than ever before. Many of us are depressed, overworked and exhausted jogging on a work-and-spend treadmill gaining little happiness in our efforts to surround ourselves with gadgets, baubles and technology that promise to make our lives easier and more satisfying.

The culture we have built and maintain is a culture of consumption. We are rapidly wasting natural resources as we search for new places to dump our now unwanted and obsolete trinkets. It's quite obvious that our culture of consumption is fueled by advertising.

It's a mistake to blame all the ills of society on advertising. Of course, it's more complicated than that. But surely there is some connection. Shouldn't we liberate the parks? Didn't we build them as places to provide us with solace and peace of mind, a place to retreat from our hectic lives? Isn't enough, enough?



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