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'Twas the day after Christmas,

And all through old Erie,

Republicans were smiling,

Not a Democrat was cheery.

For they were the losers in 1999

Gorski is gone; Giambra's in line.

The Republicans were nestled,

All snug in their beds,

While visions of patronage

Danced in their heads.

For after 12 years,

They're now back in power,

They love Joel Giambra,

Their man of the hour.

Job hunters seek out

Bob Davis and Ralph Vanner.

But before they apply,

Grab the GOP banner.

The Republican chiefs

Say party labels don't matter,

But switching's OK

For paychecks much fatter.

Now Fisher! Now Filippone!

Now Gregorie and Galloway!

Former Democrats all!

They've now seen the "right way!"

Back at Democratic HQ

In old Ellicott Square,

Steve Pigeon was waiting

For Buffalo's mayor.

For without the blessing

Of the Griffins' hoop star,

Steve's chances of winning

Are definitely sub-par.

But the chairman's a sly one,

His supporters are legion,

The list is a long one,

Those supporters of Pigeon.

With regard to Dave Swarts,

Steve claims the angle

That voting for Dave,

Is like electing Joe Crangle.

On Schimminger! On Swarts!

On Kaczorowski and Shaw!

They're gunning for Pigeon!

He sticks in their craw!

In 2000 the state

Gears up for the big one.

It's Rudy Giuliani

Versus Hillary Clinton.

From D.C. she's come

To the big house in Chappaqua,

But some have to wonder,

Can she ever say Scajaquada?

Rudy gets annoyed

O'er the Yankee cap she wears.

Says that's like a Cubs hat

On his comb-over hairs.

Where you're from makes no matter

To the nation's first spouse.

She'll take Schenectady

Over Washington's White House.

So once again, with apologies

To Clement Clarke Moore,

We'll end this narration,

Which we know is quite poor.

And from those who cover

Political winners and losers,

Happy Christmas to all

From us Buffalo Newsers.

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