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Each year, either the Lions or Cowboys host an AFC team on Thanksgiving so each network can broadcast one game. This year, Dallas hosted the Dolphins. Next year, Detroit will host an AFC team in the early game.

Well, this year the Bills took on the NFC East. Last year we played the NFC West. So Buffalo is all set to take the NFC Central, including Detroit, in 2000. Plus the Lions only get two home games outside their division. So if at the end of this season it's determined that we're playing in Detroit, there's a 50-50 chance it's on Turkey Day. And if Miami's the other team going to Detroit, would the Dolphins play on Thanksgiving two years in a row?

I don't really care if we're scheduled to play on that particular date. It's what happens the Sunday before that worries me. If the Bills can get a bye on the first weekend in December, why can't all four teams playing on Thanksgiving get the previous Sunday off? Or at least play a 1 p.m. game at home. This year, the Chicago Bears spent their Sunday before Thanksgiving away from home, in San Diego (two time zones away), playing at 4 p.m. (three hours later than usual), and they had that game go into overtime. How can that not screw up your already short week?

I hope John Butler reads this and works with the league schedulers so the Bills don't get a real turkey if they end up playing on Thanksgiving.

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