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The most tiresome sports story is about Pete Rose. He was a slightly above average hitter (about .305) with an on base percentage very low -- who would walk him with Morgan, Perez and Bench coming up? How many gravy pitches did he get?

Pete Rose was a slow runner who could not hook slide (therefore he went in head first). He was a poor fielder with a chicken arm. They tried him at second base, third base, left field and finally at first base.

All this "Charlie Hustle" garbage came from the fact that he ran fast to first after he walked.

Sure, he had more hits and doubles than anyone, but how many at bats? how many RBIs?

Put the criminal's plaque in a far corner at Cooperstown and forget about the egomaniac.

I figure it's 6-to-5 odds that Pete Rose gets in the hall before his ultimate demise.

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