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I take exception to the letter last Sunday refering to anybody complaining about the Bills' policy changes as a "whiner." The writer says we "whine" but we are still there on Sundays, filling the small seats and not staying home to make a point. Well, for his information, at the time we purchased our season tickets we did not know the Bills new seats were not going to fit many of us.

We did not know that the Bills were going to prohibit Thermoses and make it impossible to have free access down unimaginably cramped seat rows to purchase hot drinks. We also did not know that when the Bills were going to reassign the seats of longtime season ticket holders, they had already gobbled up and sold premium sideline seats as an extra attraction to promote their luxury suite sales.

I did not know that all of the sudden this year a major beer company received four seats next to mine or that one of the Bills players all of the sudden owned seats two rows behind me near the 50-yard line. All of this contributed to the poorer seat locations for loyal, 35-year season-ticket holders.

No, I don't consider myself a "whiner" and I believe that next year many people will stay home, not to make a point, but rather because they will know the product they are purchasing is less than they desire.

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