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All My Children: Adam escaped from the safe room but didn't reveal his presence to anyone except Barry. Adam's plan to take Colby away was foiled when Tad showed up unexpectedly and he was forced to pretend to be Stuart. Janet knocked Sophia unconscious with a Christmas prop after she continued to press for money and made threats against Amanda. Trevor and Adrian set up a romantic rendezvous for Hayley and Mateo, hoping to bring them back together. Gillian was thrilled to learn that she won't suffer any permanent brain damage and accepted a holiday invitation from Jake. Coming: Adrian tries to clear the field for Hayley.

As the World Turns: Margo's worst nightmare appeared to be coming true as the jury returned with its verdict. Emily finally realized what other people have been saying all along, and made a decision about Tom's place in her life. Chris and Abigail agreed to keep their secret. Jake had trouble letting go and moving on with his life. As Carly struggled to plan her fashion show, with the deadline of her bet drawing near, her future plans raised more questions about her past. Coming: Tom seeks a way to help Margo.

Bold and Beautiful: Kimberly phoned Becky and appealed to her for help in saving Rick from Amber. However, Kim was stung when Becky told her to accept that Rick wants to be with Amber. A miserable Kimberly looked on as Rick and Amber renewed their vows. Later, Becky was moved when Amber included her in their holiday celebration. Trying to avert a disaster, Eric and Ridge arrived too late to stop Macy from proposing to Thorne! Eric urged Thorne to marry Macy, believing that Brook only sees him as a substitute for Ridge. When Thorne tried talking to Macy, she misinterpreted his words to mean that he was accepting her proposal. Coming: Macy risks being jilted at the altar.

Days of Our Lives: Chloe blamed herself when a truck that was pursuing her hit Nancy. Chloe was tempted to flee to New York rather than bring more bad luck to Nancy, but was stopped by the police. She later sang to Nancy in her hospital room, and a miracle occurred as Nancy regained consciousness and opened her eyes. Kurt imprisoned Hope in the turret with Stefano, and a distraught Hope vowed to learn the truth about Stefano's connection to Princess Gina. Brandon paid a computer hacker to find out information about Abe from the Salem police files. Philip panicked when Vivian wouldn't give him money and his bookie became impatient. Coming: Kate is torn between her suitors.

General Hospital: Faison held Luke at gunpoint and forced him to make an important confession to Felicia. Believing they were about to die, Luke and Felicia almost made love, but Felicia pulled back. Just after Faison's shot at Luke accidentally hit Felicia, Mac arrived to rescue his wife. Audrey tried in vain to convince Liz to stay away from Jason. Sonny continued to give Hannah the cold shoulder, while accusing Carly of using him to try to get back into Jason's good graces. A.J. gave Carly no choice with some new ground rules for their marriage. Helena made plans to get herself off the hook. Coming: Liz is placed in danger.

Guiding Light: Carmen made a discovery that brought her closer to Matt and Vanessa. Josh's guest upset Marah for the holidays. Reva didn't have much of the holiday spirit as Josh and Olivia grew closer, while Richard declared his intentions to marry Cassie. Beth received a mysterious videotape that left Phillip in a panic. Blake went into labor, while Holly made a startling discovery that could threaten her future. Coming: Michelle senses hope for the future.

One Life to Live: Blair and Renee were both shocked when Max granted Blair power of attorney over his affairs. But when Blair decided to transfer some of Max's money into her own account, Max was devastated that she had failed his test of loyalty. Kelly accused Joey of lacking faith in her when he erupted upon seeing her in an embrace with Kevin. Viki refused to believe that Skye had been with Ben in Las Vegas and was thrilled when Ben returned in time for Christmas. Will realized that Asa sent Roseanne another check in his name and vowed to get to the bottom of the situation. Coming: Lindsay and Nora have a destructive blowout.

Passions: A shower of sparks erupted when Miguel and Charity flipped the switch for the tree lights, but they were only shocked and not electrocuted, much to Tabitha's dismay. Kay was hurt when Miguel gave her a platonic Christmas gift but bought a necklace for Charity. Luis was taken by surprise when Sheridan showed him that she still has the compact, and he had a strong reaction when he later watched Hank and Sheridan kiss. Julian confronted Martin, who fled and stared at Pilar from outside a window. As Pilar had a horrified reaction, Julian got a gun to deal with Martin. Coming: Sheridan has a gift for Luis.

Port Charles: Scott paid his father one last visit after learning that D.V. is being sent to a long- term care facility. Joe admitted to Karen that he's angry about the part she played in Courtney's accident. Kevin testified at Julie's trial and tried to convince the jury that she is dangerous, but Leopold discredited him. Dara then devastated the defense's case by playing the tape of Julie's confession. With Julie back in Ferncliff, Rachel arranged a visit from Chris as a special holiday gift for her. Coming: Kevin and Eve dig up dirt on Rachel.

Young and Restless: Tony warned Tricia that he knows she's been trying to destroy his relationship with Megan, but offered to give her another chance before he tells Megan everything. Jack was stunned when Jill connected his mystery woman--Ramona--to Victor and suggested that he find romance with someone else. Believing that Victor wasn't coming home for the holidays, Nikki left for Venice with Brad. Soon after they departed, Victor arrived and wondered where Nikki was. Mac was stung when she overheard Billy tell Brittany that he found Mac boring, and fled as the couple shared a kiss. Coming: Olivia has reason to celebrate.

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