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It was the ice sculpture that quacked.

State Trooper Leonard Fornabia said he and another trooper used metal pikes and a rowboat Thursday to rescue a duck that was trapped in an iced-over Hudson River, about 50 feet from shore.

"The duck must have fallen asleep," Fornabia said, guessing that the ice had formed around it, locking it in.

The pikes were used to break a path through the ice for the rowboat.

Once freed, the duck turned down an offer to return to shore with the troopers.

"The duck didn't want to come with us," Fornabia said.

Instead, the duck waddled away on the ice toward the moving water and later swam away, Fornabia said.

Troopers were alerted to the scene by neighbors in Corinth, 13 miles north of Saratoga Springs. They heard the trapped duck quacking and reported the bird's predicament to police.

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