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Try as I might, I just can't feel sorry for the people made uncomfortable by the insufficient seating space in the lower bowl at Ralph Wilson Stadium. In my view, the state's ruling on the zoning issue should suffice. Why should taxpayers be called upon again for further money to correct the recently renovated seating? It seems to me those season-ticket holders have two choices -- they can either cancel their tickets or pool their money to fix the seats.

As an avid football fan originally hailing from Westchester County, I can't understand the infatuation Buffalonians have with using public money to keep this team here. If the Bills win a Super Bowl, the rest of the nation won't look at Buffalo any differently than it does now. I say this from experience. I grew up in the New York City shadows of championship Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Islanders and Rangers teams, and nobody has ever treated me differently because of that.

Perhaps when the current stadium agreement expires and Wilson starts looking for more money, he should start with the patrons who go to the stadium and institute a user fee. The rest of us could probably just as easily watch them on TV, be they the Buffalo Bills or the Peoria Bills.


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