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Y2K. Whatever.

That sums up the results of "Y2Kids," a national survey of 1,449 youngsters showing that 72 percent think that adults are overreacting to the Year 2000 computer glitch.

Muri Croft, a 12-year-old at Club Heights Elementary School, pointed to stockpiling of food as an example of adults' going over the top.

"They spend thousands of dollars on this food that they're never going to use," Croft said.

Still, most of the 8- to 18-year-olds surveyed by Junior Achievement, a national business education organization, agree that the Y2K bug may bring some problems.

More than half of those surveyed think that the Internet and banking computers will malfunction. Forty-four percent who participated in the survey, conducted in early December, are worried about credit cards working properly.

But 17-year-old Kevin Knutson is not concerned.

"Anybody that really needed to get anything taken care of has already taken care of it," said Knutson, a student at Bonneville High School.

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