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I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Common Council President James Pitts' Green-Gold Economic Development Strategy sessions. How nice it is to finally find a politician who understands that it is important, not only to bring jobs to Buffalo, but what kinds of jobs those are.

The old "glory days" of steel plants and chemical factories have left our generation with toxic pollution problems that have made some parts of our beautiful city uninhabitable. In the long run, industries that destroy our resources end up costing more than the short-term profits they generate. This is a bitter lesson that we must all keep in mind as we seek to regenerate our area.

Pitts proposes that we concentrate on encouraging businesses that improve the environment, the way other cities have encouraged high-tech businesses or gambling. What better way to put Buffalo on the map? What better city to demonstrate in the 21st century that we managed to learn something in the 20th?

We should support the Green-Gold strategy, taking responsibility for the problems our technologies have caused and working to solve them.


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